Witcher 3 great escape zoltan

If you're looking for more assistance, our Witcher 3 walkthrough can help. As soon as the stranger makes a break for it, dash out of the door and give chase. Follow him through the streets use your mini-map to locate him if he gets too far aheadthen clamber up the ladders onto the roof. Next, run along the walkway and scramble up the ledges. Once you've apprehended your target, you'll automatically head to Crippled Kate's.

Ask the man about his escape from Deireadh and the drunken guards, then work through the dialogue options to plan your next move. It seems that the prison's guards have a fondness for drink. Return to the Rosemary and Thyme, then ask Zoltan for help freeing Margarita. Wrap up the conversation then go meet Yennefer.

You'll need to make it all the way to Oxenfurt to continue the quest. Either go the long way round on horseback or fast travel to Oxenfurt's Novigrad Gate. Once you reach your destination, follow the objective marker to Yennefer's waiting spot. Speak to her to proceed. Begin exploring the waterlogged ruins by heading north-east through the tunnels. Once you reach the steps, climb out of the water and take a right.

Head into the chamber and deal with the grave hag loitering around. Approach the locked door in the south-eastern corner of the room to discover your next objective.

When you're ready to proceed, head through the archway to the north-east and drop into the water. Dive down then swim through the opening directly ahead.

On the other side, climb out onto dry land and follow the passage as it bends around to the left.Whether he assists you depends on whether you completed Now or Never. Follow her to the well and jump in, after optionally telling her off a bit.

As you hit water, use Witcher Senses to locate a loot chest. Grab it and swim down the tunnel. In the room ahead are three Drowners and multiple loot chests, as well as the lever you need. Head back to the switch — by way of the watery tunnel, if you like — and use it twice once to place the lever, once to flip the switch. Through the doorway that opens next to the switch, turn right and swim to the end of the tunnel, diving down to raid the loot chest and body. Back on the main path, use Aard to open the brittle wall and battle three Ghouls and a Necrophage — a kind of Rotfiend.

At the junction, the grate is locked, so head the other way and look on the right wall at the end for a ledge you can climb up to. If you like, you can go back and open the locked grate; it only leads to Oxenfurt houses, though. Pass through the door at the opposite end of the prison and up another flight of stairs looting as you go. Before going outside, head upstairs and deal with two isolated Witch Hunters if present who would otherwise reinforce a later battle.

Kill the guards and Witch Hunters attacking you, including the crossbowmen on the stairs, and then the one ringing the bell.

On higher difficulty settings, this is a really tough battle, but you can always retreat back inside the prison to bottleneck your foes, making it easier to smack them with Signs and your crossbow. Loot his body to retrieve the key. Back in the prison, Yennefer arrives. Head back out through the courtyard, again sneaking past the drunken guards, or dealing with any whom you encounter on your path to the exit at the waypoint.

This concludes the quest.

The Witcher 3 - The Great Escape, Zoltan, free Margarita, ruins

Enable JavaScript to sign up to our newsletter.The order you complete them does not matter. You will also be making a critical decision during this quest. This decision will affect the game's ending. If you need to switch the selected objective, click the right stick in. Triss is on a mission to find one of the sorceresses from the Lodge, Philippa. Surprisingly, Zoltan had possession of Philippa, who is stuck in her owl form. However, Zoltan lost her in a game of Gwent. After a transition to the fountain, the vision reveals that Djikstra has Philippa.

Race off to the bathhouse to try and save her. You arrive at the bathhouses just in time to see Philippa blow up the wall. After arguing with Djikstra about Triss going with you, head into the main area of the bathhouse.

Quickly kill them and go down into the sewers from the back of the bathhouse. Down below, Bart the toll is taken over by mind control. If you tell hm that you want to help her, Bart will let you pass.

If you claim you need her, then you will have to fight and kill Bart.

witcher 3 great escape zoltan

Stop and heal yourself, if you need to because you are about to fight a tough elemental. Philippa is in a large room in the sewer. She is not going with you, without a fight. She summons a powerful Fire Elemental and blasts her own magic at you as well. Right off the bat, equip Aard. Aard will blow out the flames on the Fire Elementalwhich prevents him from blasting you with it.

Dodge back when he leaps, then go in for an attack. Interrupt its swings and punches as much as possible. When you grab Philippa, you explain your side and she begrudgingly goes with you. Dijkstra is not pleased with your need to take her away. Argue with him how you will. No matter what, she will go with you. Triss takes her away to take care of her and then the quest ends. The two of you are waiting for a man to enter the establishment who is the only person to escape the prison that Margarita is being held in.

Run after him with Aard and blast him to end the chase quickly. Back inside, he tells you how he escaped. Yennefer and you create a plan to find elven ruins to enter the sewers where the convict escaped. You can go enlist Zoltan for this quest, but it is purely optional and depends on if Witch Hunters are killing different races.

This depends if you helped the mages escape Novigrad earlier or not. After you enlist his help or decide not to, leave Novigrad proper, and ride Roach out to the town Yennefer is in, which is marked on your map.

Follow Yennefer to a well in town. Not a fan of getting muddy, she leaves the dirty work to you. Jump down into the well and swim to an open door in the back of the cave. Inside is a Grave Hag. Similar to her water-based kin, blast her with Igni and wail on her to finish her off.They first met when Geralt and his company were going towards the Yaruga river from Brokilonbut the dwarf advised them to join his company and go eastwards.

It is from Zoltan that Geralt got his sword - Sihil. He also had a talking parrot, Field Marshal Windbagwhich he sold to the gnome Percival Schuttenbach when he started a jeweler's workshop in Novigrad.

During the ensuing chat, the dwarf also mentions that his in-laws-to-be, the Breckenriggs this name is spelled in a few different and interesting ways throughout the game: Breckering, Breckenridge, Lucky thing, since he has far fewer after the Common Cause Mine failed.

Zoltan is the one to acquaint Geralt with dice pokerand to give him a couple of pointers about whom to challenge. After the initial meeting, he can be found in the Inn for the remainder of Chapter I.

The Witcher 3: The Great Escape

Later in the game, Zoltan can be found wandering around the Temple Quarter roughly from a. He also often spends time with Golan Vivaldi.

witcher 3 great escape zoltan

Arrives at Golan Vivaldi's home at during chapter 2. If Geralt outdrinks him at the Inn, Zoltan will give him a Diamond. Zoltan once again appears in the second witcher game. His appearance has only slightly changed. Although originally expected to have the same voice actor as the original witcher game, he was ultimately voiced by Alexander Morton. His first appearance in the game is standing on a gallows platform in Flotsam during Chapter I.

He is saved from being hanged His crime? Colluding with the Scoia'tael alongside another friend of Geralt's - Dandelion himself accused of debauchery, or maybe setting fire to a tower, or possibly both! Since they saw each other last, Zoltan's engagement to Eudora Breckenriggs has fallen through, as has his career in the mining industry, so he's settled for life as a "simple merchant", and occasional jewelsmith for a certain sorceress.

Geralt meets Zoltan in Novigrad. Where he is throwing vagrants out of Dandelion's newly inherited tavern. Zoltan also wondering where Dandelion had disappeared to assisted Geralt and this lead them to Priscilla a Bard Dandelion was very close to.

Upon discovering where Dandelion was and when he would be taken to Oxenfurt in a prison cart Zoltan organised an attack on it with several fellow Dwarves and Geralt. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Sub-Pages: Main Store. You must let me finish telling it. You can help Witcher Wiki by expanding it. Contents [ show ].Meet with Yennefer in Crippled Kate'sshe will ask who's idea was it to go after Imlerith?

If you lie and say it was yours, she will know but praise Geralt for covering Ciri's back, regardless she will approve what you did on Bald Mountain.

Soon the man himself enters and after trying to talk to him he will try to escape, so you have to catch him. You can save yourself some time if you just use Aard when you are close enough.

Or if it takes too long Yen will teleport and catch him herself. Regardless once Geralt or Yen catch him you will return to Crippled Kate's and he will tell you everything you need to know. Turns out the guards like to drink while on duty and that it's possible to get in through the sewers.

Yen will propose using Elven ruins that are connected to them. You will have the option to ask Zoltan for help getting the guards drunk, however if Now or Never was completed he will refuse as the Witch hunters are now non-human hunters. Regardless it's time to meet Yen in Oxenfurt. Once there she will inform Geralt there is an entrace to the ruins through a well, so follow here there.

Now Yen will give Geralt a Magic Trinket that will allow her to track him, as obviously she is not going into the sewers herself and will only join once he is past that part, well then time to dive in the well. You end up in some elven ruins indeed so feel free to take your time and loot the place.

You will eventually find a stone door that cannot be opened and a lever without a handle so you will have to find it. In another room you will find another lever and take it's handle to do the job, now go back to the door. Beyond the door there will be a breakable wall so use Aard on it and you will meet some Necrophages. Now you are in the sewer and soon you will find a hole in the wall that will get you into the prison. After disposing of the hunters you will soon reach the cells and find Margarita who will tell Geralt he needs the key from the Prison Warden.

This can be a tough fight as you will be alone against many so prepare yourself in any way you see fit. After you "persuade" the warden to give you the key go back to the dungeon. Once you free Margarita, Yen will teleport in and teleport both of them out, however Geralt has to get out on his own.

witcher 3 great escape zoltan

If you found the sewer key you can go back to the sewers and use a closed gate to escape or you can just jump over a wall, regardless the quest ends once you escape the prison. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Part - Let's Play Hard.

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witcher 3 great escape zoltan

Stream the best stories. Start Your Free Trial. Try Now.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Yennefer's old friend had been captured by the witch hunters and was being kept in Deireadh, the best-guarded prison this side of the Yaruga. Geralt and Yennefer thus had a hard endeavor in front of them - they would have to break into the sealed compound and sneak Margarita out.

Good thing Yen had something even better than a file in a carrot cake: contact information for the one man who had managed to escape Deireadh. Escaping seemed to be in his blood, for he attempted to make another getaway at the sight of Yennefer and Geralt, but eventually they caught him and sat down for a chat. He told them how to outfox the guards and enter the prison unnoticed. With no time to waste, Geralt and Yennefer raced off to Margarita's rescue. With their powers combined, Yennefer and Geralt freed Margarita from the most formidable prison in the North.

Rita was in a very sorry state, but the knowledge that she was free and would not perish on a pyre fortified her strength. Yennefer showered her long-time friend with tender care, and everyone hoped for a swift recovery. Head across Novigrad to the Lacehalls brothels and find the brothel called Crippled Kate's.

You will find Yen sitting at one of the tables. Answer her how you wish. Abbe Faria enters the brothel and flees after you start asking questions. Exit the brothel on the canal side and head east along the edge of the canal. Run in a straight line and grab him when you're close.

You can also cast Aard on him. If he is too far away, he gets to a ladder and climbs the scaffolding to the roof. Follow him until Yen stops him. Return to Kate's and speak to Faria.

Zoltan – Location and Related Quests | The Witcher 3

Ask him about the corpses, the torture and the drunk guards. Before you head off to meet Yen, you may return to the Rosemary and Thyme and speak to Zoltan. If you helped the mages escape during Now or Never, Zoltan convinces you it's not a good idea to hang around the prison. If you didn't help them escape, he agrees to load beer and heard to Deireadh. Once there Yen will signal him through to get the guards drunk.Looking to get more ability points?

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